The Racing Tadpoles

The Racing Tadpoles - the most underrated band in Rock history, perhaps the greatest unknown band of all time.

Smeg, Garry, Davo and Ted ...

Four thirds of a Rock and Roll legend.

They stunned all who heard their first album, "Greatest Hits Volume One" in 1988 and then looked ready to set the music industry alight with their follow up "Greatest Hits Volume Two".

Unfortunately, due to a tragedy involving a fridge magnet, a porcelain llama and a bottle of household detergent, the master tapes were destroyed and we will never hear the original recordings of their unique brand of what is loosely described as "music" again ... now almost 15 years later, out of the ashes they've reformed and although their original recordings are lost, we've managed to salvage the lyrics from their classic songs, and now we're delighted to be presenting them here for your reading pleasure!

Smeg Tadpole

Greatest Hits Volume One

Greatest Hits Volume Two






"When the passion subsides only true love remains ...." - Smeg Tadpole 1988


The Racing Tadpoles formed in Byron Bay in 1986 and quickly developed a following for their unique sound and quirky lyrics. Smeg Tadpole, Ted Beeson, Dave Davis and Garry Jergensen became heroes to Australian pub rock fans in the mid to late 80's, but failed to make the same impact on the International market.

Their first album, optimistically titled "The Racing Tadpoles, Greatest Hits Volume One" went straight to the top of the Australian charts and was followed by a triumphant national tour. Two years later their second album "The Racing Tadpoles, Greatest Hits Volume Two" debuted at number one and stayed there for 3 consecutive weeks, but after a freak accident during a disastrous tour of the USA, they became disheartened and though they have never publicly divulged the full details, the band have not played live since.

After disbanding in May 1989, the tadpoles never really went away, with their songs continuing to get spasmodic airplay. They reformed in 1999 and recorded a new song called Millennium Fever to promote their "End of the World" tour, which failed to eventuate.

The band are currently locked in a studio producing new songs for their upcoming CD, tentatively titled "The Racing Tadpoles, Greatest Hits Volume Three". To listen to their latest recordings, visit

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